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Jason Linde, AIA. Founder

Jason Linde is an award-winning architect with over 20 years of experience and a uniquely diverse background in design. His portfolio includes a wide range of projects spanning residential, workplace, hospitality, and retail. He worked as a Design Director with Gensler for the last 6 years, recently leading and completing the redesign of the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship in Manhattan. Additionally, his collaboration with renowned architects such as Moshe Safdie and Jeffery Hutchison & Associates has contributed to his reputation for excellence. With his keen eye for detail and strategic approach, Jason Linde has established himself as a respected figure in the architecture industry. His dedication to delivering exceptional design solutions has earned him a reputation for excellence.
Bachelors of Architecture, Focus in Business Management Cornell University.  Member of the American Institute of Architects and NCARB.

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Carlos Gastelum, Technical Director

Carlos is a registered architect in New York and a member of the AIA. He was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and received his Bachelor's in Architecture at the Universidad Jose Cecilio Del Valle in Honduras in 2001.
His professional career over the past 20 years has included: leading his own architecture firm in Honduras; collaborating with the Honduran government in areas of tourism and cultural heritage management; designing and fabricating custom furniture and interiors at Dune; Passive Haus residential and commercial design at JPDA; high profile retail hospitality and workplace projects at Gensler.Carlos’s award winning projects and products have been featured in a number of publications including Interior Design Magazine, Metropolis, the Architect’s newspaper and Intramuros magazine.


Roland Alejandre, Project Manager

Roland Alejandre is an architect and Technical Director of Sentient Design Works. His experience encompasses various projects, including residential, commercial, and institutional buildings, highlighting his versatility. Roland's work is distinguished by attention to detail, creativity, and functionality.  As the technical director, he guides the projects from concept to construction by turning design ideas into crafted details. 

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Katrina Isabel Araullo, Architectural Designer

Kat Araullo is an accomplished Architect and Designer and has worked at Sentient Design Works for many years.  She leads the design and visualization phases of the projects at the firm, helping push the boundaries of creativity in our work.  She also manages the specifications for interior and exterior design projects. 


Ruiz Pulvira, Archictectural Designer

Ruiz Pulvira is an Architect who is passionate about designing unique and captivating projects.  He is a project manager with a well balanced approach to design and execution, managing the transition of the design work into built products. With a keen eye for detail, he consistently strives to bring innovation and creativity to every project he undertakes.

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Phoebe Radke, Intern

Phoebe Radke is an architecture student from New York passionate about exploring the intersection of technology and design. Having completed her first year of studies she is eagerly looking forward to delving deeper into advanced courses that delve into cutting-edge AI applications.

Expected graduation from Washington University in Saint Louis with a B.s.c in Architecture and minors in Design and Studio Art. 



The most creative design can also have the most meaningful impact. Our mission is to extend the great strides our industry has made in sustainability and push into a new realm of ecosystem sensitivity. To truly consider all living things and re-establish life even where we mindlessly clear land to build structures.


Sustainability and responsibility are becoming standard goals for design studios, but they tend to focus on material life cycles and energy conservation, overlooking other critical aspects of our environmental impact.  As we develop more land, fragile ecosystems supporting diverse life are often overlooked and there is little regard for displaced native species. With creativity and passion, we can make significant strides in an integrated approach.  This is something we simply must do.


A home is a place. Where moments and materials come together to create memories. A place that evokes emotions and passion through thoughtful design.  This is where we come back to, where we want to be and where we surround ourselves with self expression.  By crafting materials and details, inviting daylight and views, and creating moments of delight, a home can provide enduring positive effects.  


We design for purpose and impact, allowing brands to express their unique point of view and showcase their distinct creativity.  Design has never been more important in retail.
We are also in an era where the retail cycle is as short as ever, with stores rotating in and out of spaces in just a few years.   Our approach to this challenge is to design for disassembly, demounting and recycling to redirect nearly brand new materials from landfills.  If not designed for this, it just simply won't happen.


Health is key for optimal performance, creativity and collaboration.  This is why creating inspiring environments that also align with the values of employees empowers employers to attract top talent.  We believe that sustainability, responsibility and ethics are key fundamentals for workplace design but also key narratives.  Office environments should tell stories about the design and raise the bar for other corporations.  

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